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5 Ways to Lower Your Water Use

If you are like most people, your budget has been impacted by the rising costs of utilities. The increased costs of water bills are taking a serious bite out of your paycheck. Luckily a great professional plumbing service in the Kirkland area can help you reduce your water use! 

The good news is there are things you can do today to make changes to your water consumption. Not only will these changes result in savings, they will impact the environment as well. Here are 5 ways to lower your water use.

Kirkland, WA Plumbing ServicesBrush Your Teeth Without Running the Faucet

Bathroom faucets can dispense 2 gallons of water each minute. If you brush your teeth for 3 minutes with the faucet running, you will waste 6 gallons of water. As you are brushing your teeth, turn off the water. This act alone will save at least 180 gallons of water per person in your household in a month.

Fix Leaky Toilets

Leaky toilets are annoying and costly. In fact, leaky toilets are one of the biggest sources water waste in households. One way you can fix this problem is by replacing the leaky toilet with a new toilet that conserves water. By taking this action, you will save approximately 200 gallons a day in wasted water.

Reduce the Time Spent in the Shower

Taking a shower is necessary, but taking long showers wastes water. Think of your shower as money going down the drain. If you reduce your shower time by a couple of minutes, you can conserve gallons of water.

Purchase a Lawn Sprinkler with a Timer

Your lawn sprinkler does not have to run all day in order to hydrate your yard. In fact, it is possible to give your lawn too much water. Purchasing a lawn sprinkler with a timer is the perfect way to hydrate your grass without wasting water.

Another thing you can do is limit the amount of times you hydrate the grass each week. A healthy lawn only requires an inch of water each week. Remember to water your lawn sparingly especially during a drought.

Replace Leaky Shower Heads and Faucets

Leaky shower heads and faucets waste water one drop at a time. At the first sign of a leak, you should replace these fixtures.

By following these tips, you will lower your Kirkland home’s water use and save money in the process.

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