Kirkland Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation

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Bathroom Remodeling Renovation Services in Kirkland, WA

Add value to your home with a complete bathroom renovation.

Besides improving the overall look and design of your bathroom, doing renovations also increases the value of your home. Updating appliances and fixtures will make your bathroom more environmentally friendly and will possibly save you money with increased efficiency. Premier Plumbing and Mechanical in Kirkland, WA can help you realize your bathroom’s full potential.

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A New Bathroom from the Ground Up

When planning your bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider how big of a project you want to undertake. Choosing to take on a full bathroom renovation means building a stable and functional base to get started from. This often entails repiping.

Repiping your bathroom ensures that your new appliances and fixtures work properly. Modern piping lasts longer and is built to anticipate future repairs. When repiping your bathroom we offer two choices to get the job done. Both copper piping and PEX offer many benefits.

Fixtures and a Toilet to Match Your New Bathroom

The cherry on top of your bathroom renovations is the beautiful and modern fixtures available. With new fixtures, your bathroom can go from mediocre to amazing. New fixtures work more efficiently than older models and will last longer too.

One of the first things you may think to replace in your bathroom is the toilet. Over time and with wear and tear from use, your toilet can develop cracks and leaks making it necessary to replace. More modern toilets are also more efficient, using less water therefore being more environmentally friendly.

Is it Time to Replace Your Old Tub or Shower?

Most of the time, homeowners choose to update their showers or tubs for aesthetic reasons, an old tub can be dank and musty feeling. With a new shower or tub, your bathroom can become the oasis it was meant to be.

Other reasons to replace your shower and tub can include cracks and leaks as well as old or outdated materials that have started to rust or grow mold. A new tub can breathe new life to your bathroom.

Envision Your Bathroom’s Full Potential Today!

Whether you’re looking for a full renovation of your Kirlkland, WA bathroom, or an update to your shower, tub, toilet or fixtures, the experts at Premier Plumbing and Mechanical have the tools and expertise to make your bathroom dream a reality. Call 425-298-7179 today for a quote!