Drain Cleaning Services Throughout Kirkland, WA

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Drain Cleaning Services in Kirkland, WA

Your pipes can take a lot. Over time they can become clogged with oil, hair, food and other materials. For the most part chemical drain cleaners don’t get the job done and end up causing more harm to your pipes than good. For pesky clogs that won’t go away, opt for professional drain cleaning services from Premier Plumbing and Mechanical.

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Signs you Might Benefit from Drain Cleaning

Recurring clogs can happen to anyone. If you notice any of the following signs in your drains at home, you may benefit from professional drain cleaning services.

  • Slow draining water in your showers or tubs.
  • Showers or tubs not draining at all.
  • Toilets not flushing properly or overflowing due to reduced water pressure.

Why Get Professional Drain Cleaning?

While the more convenient option may be to reach for the chemical drain cleaner at your local hardware store, it’s not often the best option. Chemical drain cleaners can cause more damage than good since the chemicals can eventually corrode and damage your pipes, causing pockets to appear that can also cause more clogs or even a burst pipe.

Professional drain cleaning is perfectly safe for your pipes and also safe for your family. There are no chemicals used, and the clogs are removed permanently.

Preventing Clogged Drains:

Much like with any part of your house, your pipes requires maintenance. We recommend getting your drains professionally cleaned at least once per year to keep things running smoothly. There are also things you can do between cleanings to reduce the likelihood of recurring clogs.

  • Install hair and food screens on your drains. These small screens can be purchased at any hardware store and fit over your drains to catch food and hair before it has a chance to enter your drains.
  • Run hot water through your drains once per week. If you do this, it’s kind of like flushing out some of the sediment before it has a chance to harden and clog your drain.
  • Keep food items and other non soluble items out of the sink. Even if you have a garbage disposal, make sure items that don’t dissolve in water are not put down the drain. This includes oil and grease.

Schedule your Professional Drain Cleaning Today

By maintaining your drains and regularly getting your drains cleaned, you can avoid nasty clogs, so whether you are experiencing a clog now, or just want to ensure you don’t get one in the future, call Premier Plumbing and Mechanical in Kirkland, WA today to schedule your drain cleaning. Call 425-298-7179 for a quote now.