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Don’t let a jolt of cold water surprise you in the shower again. With expert water heater services, Premier Plumbing and Mechanical in Issaquah, WA has you covered for all your water heater needs. We understand the importance of having a water heater in good working order for a functional home. You heat your water for dishes, laundry, showering and bathing.

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Common Water Heater Problems

Since your water heater is so heavily depended on, when something goes wrong, it’s important to get it fixed quickly. When you call Premier Plumbing and Mechanical about your water heater you can expect professional and expert service. Once our plumber arrives at your home, they can determine the root cause of your issue and the best way to go about fixing it.

Some common water heater problems that can occur include:

  • Broken thermostat – If the thermostat in your water heater is broken, it will not register the correct temperature and therefore not work properly.
  • Leaks or cracks in the heater or tank – If your tank is cracked or leaking there is a chance it will affect your heater and cause it to malfunction. Typically older water heaters and water tanks will begin to crack and wear. An average water heater will last between 10-15 years before needing to be replaced.

Benefits of Going Tankless

At Premier Plumbing and Mechanical, we also specialize in tankless water heaters. Newer, more modern tankless heaters have many benefits and are ideal for almost any family. Some of the upsides to going tankless are:

  • Space Saving – A tankless water heater connects directly to your plumbing without the use of a big, bulky water tank. This is ideal for smaller homes, or homeowners looking to make more space.
  • Money Saving – Since a tankless heater works by only heating the water that is being requested from the taps, it’s heating less water and using less energy. This means that it’s more environmentally friendly and money saving at the same time.
  • Constant Hot Water – For families who use a lot of hot water during the day, running out is a reality with a regular water heater. With a tankless water heater the hot water supply is endless meaning being the last person to shower in the morning doesn’t have to shower in the cold!

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