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Consider the pipes in your home to be the life of the house. Moving water where you need it and taking it away, your pipes play a vital role in your home. Whether your pipes are old and need to be replaced, or if you are experiencing recurring clogs that won’t go away, calling the experts at Premier Plumbing and Mechanical is your best bet in making sure your pipes keep running smoothly through the years.

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What Kind of Pipe to Choose?

Repiping your home can be a big undertaking. With the help of a professional and licensed plumber the job is straightforward but there are some decisions that need to be made prior to repiping.

There are two standards when it comes to piping material available for your home. Copper and PEX are two options that have many benefits. When deciding what kind of pipe to use, consider the following:

  • Copper piping has been the standard for years. The pipes are sturdy, with strong joints that are leakproof and will not sag. Copper typically lasts longer than PEX, however the upfront cost to install it is more expensive.
  • PEX is a relatively new technology compared to copper. PEX piping is flexible and is therefore easier to install and anticipates future repairs. PEX is less expensive but will not last as long as copper. Another downside to PEX is that it cannot be directly connected to a water heater and it cannot be exposed to UV rays, making it unusable outdoors.

Clean Your Drains Once a Year

Just like going to the dentist, your drains need to be maintained to prevent clogs. By getting your drains cleaned professionally at least once per year you can ensure that any clogs that are beginning to form get dealt with swiftly. Unlike chemical drain cleaners, professional drain cleaning is perfectly safe for your family and your pipes.

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Keep your Drains Running Smoothly

Whether it’s dealing with a recurring clog, preventing clogs from even starting or replacing the current piping system in your home, Premier Plumbing and Mechanical in Sammamish, WA have the tools and expertise to get the job done right the first time. Call 425-298-7179 to schedule your piping project today.