Kirkland Toilet Repair & Installation Services

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Toilet Installation and Repair Services in Kirkland, WA

You depend on your toilet every day to run properly. A leaking or clogged toilet is something that needs to be fixed swiftly. Calling the professionals at Premier Plumbing and Mechanical ensures that your toilet is repaired quickly and efficiently. We believe in getting the job done right the first time.

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Main Causes for Clogs

Your toilet is one of the most vital plumbing appliances in your home. If it’s not working correctly, it can cause huge disruptions in your house. When it comes to toilets there are two main types of clogs that can occur:

  • Simple Clogs – A simple clog could mean a few different things. Flushing too much toilet paper or other large quantities of non-water soluble items such as diapers can easily cause problematic clogs.
  • Foreign Objects – Not to place all the blame on the kids, but many clogged toilets are the result of children playing with the toilet or flushing too much toilet paper. Kids are still developing the reasoning skills and learning about every-day things such as proper use of the toilet. It’s very common for our plumbers to unclog toilets that have had toys or other objects flushed down.

Tips to Prevent Clogs

Preventing clogs from disrupting your family’s routine is as easy as just becoming a little more vigilant with what gets flushed down. Follow these easy tips and reduce the amount of clogs you see in your toilet.

  • Place childproof locks on your toilet lid to prevent children from accessing the toilet when they don’t need it.
  • Use less toilet paper if possible.
  • Do not flush large amounts of paper towel or diapers down the toilet.
  • Flush twice if needed.

To Repair or Replace a Toilet

At Premier Plumbing and Mechanical, we also specialize in toilet replacements. Over time, your toilet can become old and outdated, small cracks and leaks can appear, making the toilet less efficient and ultimately needing to be replaced. By replacing your old toilet with a new and modern version you can reap many benefits. From being more efficient, to using less water and working smoother, your new toilet could potentially make your water bill lower while being more environmentally friendly.

Make the Call Today

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