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Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running? DIY Toilet Parts Replacement

White noise in the background can be a source of comfort, but the sounds of a toilet that won’t stop running are far from comforting. In addition to being annoying and disruptive, a constantly running toilet means that you are wasting loads of water- which also means that you are wasting lots of money.

The good news is that this is one plumbing problem that you can tackle on your own and take care of today. The toilet tank is comprised of a very few, reasonably simple mechanisms. Chances are the malfunction or deterioration of one of these is the root of your running toilet, so it is easy to determine why this is happening.

Here are some suggestions on what to look for and the parts that you may need to repair or replace.


Adjust Fill Height

If your water height is too high inside the tank, water will run continuously through your system because the water will flow through the overflow fill tube (which we’ll talk about later).

toilet-diagramIf you look inside your toilet tank, you’ll see a float- either shaped like a ball, or a cup-shaped float. This is what regulates the water height within the tank.

For a ballcock float, turn the screw that attaches it and lower it a little bit. Re-adjust the screw to tighten. You can also adjust the rod with your hands. If the water stops flowing when the water flushes, problem solved.

For the cup float, you can likely adjust its height by manually moving the rod that is attached and pinching the spring clips that secure it. If neither of these provides a solution, you may have to move on to a part replacement, namely the fill valve.

Check the Fill Tube

There is a tube in your tank that works to drain water out of the tank to regulate the flow of water within your toilet. These tubes are subject to damage or even breakage over time. If the end of the tube is submerged in the water, it can’t do its job (i.e. to siphon off excess water with the overflow tube). You can try cutting the end back and making sure the end is exposed.

toilet-repair-in-your-home_480If that doesn’t work, shut off the water supply and unbolt the tube. Remove it and bring it to the hardware store to get the right replacement. Re-install and re-fasten.

Fix the Flapper

One common culprit behind the running toilet is a broken or damaged flapper. The flapper is a big rubber part that acts almost like a plug, starting and stopping the water flow when you flush the toilet.

Hold the flapper down when you flush. If the water stops flowing with the extra pressure, you have discovered the root of your problem. Take it out, bring it to the hardware store and get the correct piece to re-install.

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